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Elise Pui - Artist

"I hope other people will get some inspiration from my artwork."

Hello there! My name is Elise. I’m 9 years old. I’m a cat lover, but don’t get me wrong! I don’t despise dogs. When I grow up, I wish that I’ll become a scientist. I think science is awesome because it has helped the world solve many problems and made us know more. My hobbies are reading, sometimes watching YouTube, writing, making arts and crafts, or drawing. My family says I’m quite an artist!

I get inspiration from other artists, sometimes from the places I go, but most of the time it’s from looking at the scenery at the boring walk back home. I hope other people will get some inspiration from my artwork. If not, I hope people will think that my artwork is fascinating. 

Elise's cat face mask designs have become some of our most pinned images on Pinterest. (Keep scrolling to see her designs)

Cat Russian Doll Painted By Elise Pui
Cat Drawing by Elise Pui
Clay Cat by Elise Pui
Elise Pui painting
Drawing by Elise Pui
Elise Pui drawing on tablet

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Serenity Escape Face Mask

Blue Cat Face Mask


Cat Family Face Mask

Cat Family Face Mask


Egalitarian Natural Face Mask

Pink Cat Face Mask


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