Custom Fabric Face Masks: How Research Influenced our Mask Designs

We did the research so we could design a fabric face mask that will keep you and your family safe and fashionable. Is there one valuable message about cloth masks, or is it a combination of things that promote health? 

Viral infections, pollutants, allergies, may all be avoided by wearing a mask. However, not just any face-mask will protect yourself and others from transmission of these particles. So, what makes a face-mask worth it? 


Things you should look for when buying fabric face masks

The CDC has outlined five guidelines to follow when buying a mask:

1. It must fit snugly (but comfortably) against your face 

Masks sold in various sizes are best suited. This study found that gaps around the edges of a mask account for a 60 percent decrease in filtration efficiency. We've designed fabric face masks in sizes XS, S, M, L so you can have a well-fitted mask for a better look and protection. Once you try our masks on you'll notice our hard work. We've added pleats, adjustable strap and stretch fabric in the design so you can make adjustments to fit your own size.

2. It must be secured with ties or ear loops

For a secure fit, search for ties and ear loops that have elastic in them, or ones you can easily adjust for a custom fit. Our designs have adjustable, stretchy ties so wearing our masks is comfortable for you.

3. It must include multiple layers of fabric

Layers with high-thread-count fabric on face-masks offer substantially more protection than just 1 or 2 layers with low thread-count fabric (study). We made sure to include a filter pocket in our mask design for added protection. There's enough room to hold anything ranging from a PM 2.5 filter to a N95 filter! Because of this, our masks have the capability to reduce the severity of the transmission and contraction of airborne viral infections. 

4. It must allow for breathing without restriction

This isn’t only a concern for comfortability, but also for safety. If it's hard for you to breathe, there will be air resistance. Air will take the path of least resistance and exit through the edges of the mask without getting filtered — putting you and others at risk. You want something you're comfortable wearing every day; if breathing through your mask is comfortable, you will wear it more often. We've tried on our masks ourselves to test its breathability; it's safe to say they passed the test!

5. It must be washable without damage or shape change

It’s always a good idea to check the wash instructions of masks before washing to avoid causing any deformities to the particular mask structure. Our masks have been pre-shrunk and washed (fabric-care is included).


Our Solution for you

Our team at Topwraps is committed to making high quality and affordable products for our customers, and our fabric face masks are no different. We made sure to make something that adheres to CDC's mask criteria, all the while making a mask that is both comfortable and fashionable so you can confidently wear your design anywhere. Whether it be on your regular grocery trips, or during fancier gatherings to match lavish attire, we hope you enjoy our comfortable and protective design.

If you would like to buy a protective face-mask and contribute to causes that matter to you, email us to ask about our fundraiser campaigns! 


Premium fabric face mask: Products

Topwraps Stitched Organic Face-Mask
Comfortable organic face-mask made of breathable organic cotton and antibacterial, recycled Chitosante. Pick a style from our designers to match your every-day outfits or special occasions. 
Topwraps Custom Design Face-Mask: Upload Your Design
Experience the same protection and comfort of our masks, but customize it with a personal design or your company logo as a new and innovate the way of advertising.
Topwraps DIY Face-Mask: Fabric Bundles
For the creatives who would like to try stitching a mask themselves with our high-quality fabric. We provide 11" x 11" squares of stylish designs.  

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