Make Social Distancing a Game

What if strategically placing COVID decals on the floor, 6ft apart - could be more engaging for your customers? Communities are finding ways to do their part. Social distancing in crowded places can rise to the challenge! We put together some innovative tips and ideas to engage and lift our spirits. Upcoming business and social events can take some inspiration from the these social distancing games ideas!

Dance Party

Is your neighborhood looking for some community spirit while being socially distant? You can place floor stickers at a safe distance for your neighbors to stand on, turn some music on and enjoy! 

Senior Home Games

A good Social Distancing Game idea are Color coded posters helps those that are more visual. Social distancing activities are more fun with easy props for those who need to be extra careful when visiting loved ones. For example, Checkers or tic tac toe can easily be cut from vinyl and customized at our print facility. Visitors can place these decals on glass windows and enjoy a game!

Relevant Products we Carry

Our products include circular, rectangular, colorful posters and decals, so our capabilities of your social distancing game ideas are only limited by our collective creativity! 

Our other products are A-frames and inserts for your campaigns and customized signage. Want to send us your design? We would love to see your ideas! We take custom orders and have a fast turnaround for shipping and delivery.

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