What makes our masks different?

We get it. There are so many retail stores out there selling masks— but on a whim you decided to click into our website because you had an inkling that we were different. Well, you aren't wrong!


It's for businesses and the workplace

Our team at Topwraps took a look at what the market had to offer, and as a business trying to stay safe amidst COVID-19 ourselves, we realized that there was little to no stores who had sophisticated and professional mask designs for those wearing masks in the workplace. You know, for the family physicians, financial advisors, real estate agents, cashiers, waiters and waitresses— or any one of you who are meeting and working with all sorts of people everyday.

So, we designed fashionable and lightweight premium masks that everyone would be comfortable wearing all day because of it's practicality, safety, and design! See how we made sure our masks are safe and protective here.

Whether you're an employee or someone in management, you'll love the simple yet sophisticated designs we have to offer. Better yet, our masks have branding opportunities for those looking for new and unique ways to establish their brand. You can choose to add your logo to the inside of the mask, on the front corner, or the straps. Best of all, it can all be done in a couple clicks. 

Our team has been working alongside businesses and corporations for over 25 years; your project is in good hands.

See our masks now!


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