Fundraisers for non-profit charity

Overviews of what Top Wraps Online Shop can do for you and your non-profit charity.


All proceeds will go to your organization.


Your own design - Spread awareness of your organization with our white-label products. Customize the entire product with your organization’s design, or with artwork from the beneficiary of your charity.

Just the Logo - For a fast, simple, yet effective branding opportunity you can pick from one of our designs and add your own logo to the product.



Pay for the mask after a donor contributes to your case. All you’ll need to do is place the order on our site and we’ll take care of the rest by printing and shipping the product for you.

Buy in Bulk


Don’y worry if you don’t have a platform to sell your products. We can create your brand’s own collection of listings on our . Like other e-commerce platforms, 10% transaction fees will apply per order. No product listing fees. You pay for shipping, and we handle the rest.


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