Crossed Base Outdoor Flag | 11ft



If your business only has concrete and sidewalks around  then a 11 ft Crossed Base Outdoor Feather Flag is the best option to let potential customers know that you are now open for business! The flags come in three color options - Orange, Green and Blue, Choose your Favorite!

11ft Crossed Base Outdoor Feather Flag Details:

Vibrant digital dye-sublimation printed onto 100% polyester eco flag fabric, with text reading positive on one side and mirror on the back side.  Includes a 11ft fiberglass pole and a choice of crossed base or spike base with a ball bearing system that makes that pole rotate freely in the wind.

  • Dye-sublimation printing
  • 11ft Feather Shaped (when set up)
  • Spins in the wind
  • Canvas carrying bag included with eco-crossed base
  • Fiberglass pole last longer and stronger than Aluminum pole