Physical Distancing Free Standing Signs | 24x36



Even though the popular term used to encourage everyone to keep a save distance between eachother is "Social Distancing". Many are more familiar with and consider referring to the practice as "Physical Distancing". For this reason, we designed Physical Distancing Free Standing Signs, sized at 24x36 - 

Each Sign is a combination of strong messaging and vibrant colors that make it stand out to every customer that comes in or around your business. 

Physical Distancing Free Standing Sign Details:

Full color with UV clear coat digital direct output onto 4 mm white coroplast, 2 single-sided (24” width x 36” height face dimension) back to back, to be displayed as free-standing double-sided signage with bottom tabs overlapped. The signage may require weights if it is displayed outdoor in a windy area.

  • 24" Width x 36" Height ( Face Dimension )
  • Full color UV clear coat printing
  • Easy to assemble and store away
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor